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March 7, 2018 · Comment 0· Blog · Tags:

10 House Removals Tips

House Removals Tips

House removals may seem like another daunting task, and a house removals process when you have just done all the hard work of marketing and selling your home can seem annoying. It is understandable that you may be feeling a little bit stressed, but with the keys to your new home just around the corner, you can smoothen the end process when selecting the right house removals team to do the last hurdle for you. A house load of possessions to pack and then transfer to your new home is easier said than done, so read these 10 quick tips that will help you when the moving day comes.


  1. Firstly, you must make sure that you have all the packing materials needed to complete the job. For example, (boxes, tape, pens, and bubble wrap), I would purchase more than you may think you need, as running out can be inconvenient and really annoying! (Plus these items are relatively cheap also).
  2. Another good tip is to aim to pack your boxes so that they weigh around 20kg. This makes them easier to move as well as reducing the chance of injuring yourself!
  3. I would always recommend placing the heaviest objects at the bottom. This is so that when you are lifting and relocating the boxes there is less chance of the boxes toppling over which could them damage your own stuff. So remember, start heavy and then put the lighter pieces on top.
  4. Don’t Cram! It is pointless trying to stuff everything tightly into your boxes, it can cause damage, the boxes could potentially split, and also it makes it more difficult when stacking boxes in the van when they are overfilled. Which then could mean two journeys (More £££).
  5. Label each box with a large marker pen with the name of the room where the contents will be needed. Ensure the removals men understand your labelling system and which rooms in your new home are which.
  6. Small fabrics, such as socks, pillow cases and gloves, take up a surprising amount of room if packed together, but also make excellent packing materials when stuffed into small spaces, particularly around fragile objects.
  7. Avoid using standard black bags as they split easily. If you must use bags to pack some of your possessions, choose extra strong ones designed for garden waste.
  8. When dismantling furniture, secure bolts and nuts in a clear polythene bag and Sellotape this to the underside of the furniture, so you aren’t left hunting for them after the removal.
  9. Children do not make useful assistance when moving house. Arrange for them to be looked after at a friend or family member’s home for the day, never mind how much they implore you to be allowed to stay to help!
  10. Don’t attempt to leave packing until the last minute. The chances are you’ll have accrued a huge amount of possessions you simply don’t need, so make time to sort through it and dispose of unwanted items to charity or the tip. This will lighten your load and save you time and money in the process.


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